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Case Studies

650K DMs =
6K New Discord Members

200K DMs =
1,500 New Discord Members

BOOMLAND is a Blockchain gaming Platform with fun Play-AND-Earn games that creates familiar gaming experiences in Web3.

MORTIFER is a turn-based multiplayer battle where the winner is the last man standing. This is a completely new gladiator fight, with futuristic weapons and modern technology.

Message Boomland used:

I have a clue on how to gain more XP, want to know how? 

Level UP, conquer fancy roles, and, above all… The most powerful Landers will have the gates of our WL open!

So, how to get a WL?

Join our Discord https://discord.gg/XEssMffvas

And follow Contest Rules 

Message Mortifer used:

Sign up to the WHITELIST and buy an NFT on the PRE-SALE. Why?

– Now you can get it for only 50 USDT, more than 30% cheaper, than during the Public Sale

– After the Public Sale, you can get a much higher price for your NFT, if you sell it

– WL people can TRY THE GAME before anybody else, and can develop winning strategies and also can WIN daily cash and NFT prizes

– WL people can win CASH PRIZES, from a total prize pool of $25,000. If you purchase an NFT, you could win the grand prize of $10,000 or $5,000 or $1,000.   

– Also, you could be one of the 180 people to get back the price of your NFT purchase. 

– NFT’s can be purchased in unlimited amounts, so it is perfect for an investment

The first 5000 Mortifer Champion’s NFT can be purchased during the Pre-Sale. 

Supply: 5000

Mint price: 50 USDT

Mint date: TBA 

Join the official Mortifer discord : https://discord.gg/nvUcEyAcXn

Visit Mortifer’s website for more info: https://mortifer.io/

Whitelist yourself and register to the Pre-Sale: http://bit.ly/3tJ8yzH

Behind Mortifer, there is a trusted company, check out the doxxed team on the website.